Style Q & A - Victor Vito

Style Q & A - Victor Vito

Blindside Flanker, All Blacks and Wellington Hurricanes.


Fellow Wellington local Victor Vito just recently had his wedding wearing yours truly, so we thought we would ask him for a few off the field style tips.


What’s the best thing about your job? Being paid to play footy and travel with my mates.


… and the worst? Injuries and losing matches.


What do you do when you’re not on the footy field? I like to hang with family and catch up with what everyone else is up to - watch movies, chill with my wife...


Describe your style: My style is pretty casual, I would like to think "sleek casual".


How do you express this style? I like to wear chinos with a nice t-shirt along with some Vans for a casual get together.  For a formal event I don't mind going all out and wearing a suit, pocket square, suspenders, tie/bow tie, the whole shebang!   For an occasion somewhere in between, I would wear jeans/formal chinos and a collar.


You travel quite a bit with the All Blacks, any packing tips you can offer?  Travel light, if possible.  When travelling light isn’t possible, roll up your kit and put socks/undies in shoes to utilise space.


Tell us about the suit you selected for your wedding… I saw a Ryan Gosling red carpet pic and thought “I could do that”. I chose Rembrandt because I felt they would understand who I was - being Wellington based, and also, after one initial meet, they completely understood the look I wanted to pull off.


And the groomsmen suits? I wanted navy blue suits to go with my blue, but not too dark or black as this would’ve been too formal for a vineyard wedding.


How involved was Amber in the selection of the suits for both you and the boys? Amber was involved only in colour selection, I did the rest.


What did Amber think about how you and the boys scrubbed up for the big day? Amber loved my suit and thought I pulled it off better than Ryan Gosling....haha. She loved it and thought the boys looked really smart too.


Do you have any style icons or references you look to for fashion advice? Not really, I look to my friends and take ideas that I like and roll with that. I liked the Great Gatsby formal wear look - bright and non-apologetic. Fashion advice? That’s what a wife is for, and Fashion Police haha.


What do you wear for a night on the couch? Cotton shorts, high ankle socks and a singlet.


If we were to look in your wardrobe, what would be the most embarrassing item we’d find? Speedos.


What’s your must have clothing item this season? Snapbacks.


When will you wear it? Most days.


What else is on your wardrobe wish list for this season? More colourful suits.


And your final style tip? Just to try new things.


And rugby tip? Look out for the Hurricanes!


Interesting fact: Amber loves to watch Fashion Police and so I've indirectly learnt that no matter how cool you think you are, you can't wear shorts on the red carpet…Pharrell Williams.




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