Men’s Pocket Squares

Add a final flourish to your suit with our exquisite collection of Italian-made pocket squares. From classic paisley and floral patterns to contemporary geometric and block-colour prints, there are no bounds when it comes to these stylish pocket square designs. Lustrous silk pocket squares give your outfit a luxe feel, while soft linen fabric is a faultless choice for summer events. Ready to inject some personality into your formal attire? Shop the collection.


Men’s Pocket Squares

Explore Rembrandt’s mens handkerchiefs NZ to individualise your look and create a focal point for your outfit. No breast pocket is complete without a handkerchief — also known as a pocket square or pochette. Traditionally considered a male hygiene product, the pocket square evolved purely into a decorative accessory and eventually the wonderful detail that it is today.

When it comes to dressing for the occasion: if a tie is the icing on the cake, a pocket square, NZ is the cherry on top. It’s considered the most fun accessory that a man can use to stand out from the crowd, adding extra character to smart looks. Taking your jacket from staple to statement, you can stock up on a selection to mix up a suit you’ve already worn before.

A black blazer is an ideal backdrop for any pocket square, offering endless styling possibilities. When you opt for jackets in different shades, coordinating colours is more of a challenge, but as long as you don’t clash with your tie, you can’t go wrong. Looking for a pocket square for a grey suit? A royal blue pocket square creates a sophisticated contrast.

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