Who is Elijah

Who is Elijah is an independently owned fragrance house, established in 2018, rapidly growing & defying conventions ever since.

We are daring to be different & demanding attention by redefining the norm. Who is Elijah occupies a previous gap in the luxury parfume industry, built on cruelty free, genderLESS foundations & hand-filled in Sydney.

Our scents are ephemeral & monochromatic elements symbolise our clean-cut, modernist aesthetic. We embody quintessential minimalism. Who is Elijah eau de parfums blur the lines of masculinity & femininity. They demand to be worn by everybody, everywhere. Here’s to a collection that is growing & loved more & more with each spritz.


Our fragrances are locally made in Sydney. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible, sourcing locally as much as possible. We personally pick up the fragrance when we’re due for a top-up.

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