Fit for you.

Fit for you.

Who said men had to make to do with a small range of standard clothing sizes? It certainly wasn’t us.

We’ve never come across a ‘standard’ man. You’re tall, short, big, small and sometimes a combination of it all! You’re not average and neither are we - and that’s why we’ve created an expansive range of sizes to fit you. Exactly the way you are.

When something fits,

you feel it.

True fit is about style, comfort and confidence. The length is just right, the shape suits yours and the overall effect is the one you’re aiming for – relaxed or tailored, subtle or impressive. Fit is everything and five standard sizes just won’t cut it. So we changed all that.

We’ve got you covered.

We have short and tall sizes across our range. We know you’ll find the right fit because we’ve been measuring Kiwi men for over 70 years. Choose your length, fit and size – it’s easy, it fits and you’ll feel the difference.

Taking it further

We’re constantly looking at ways to give you the best fitting, high quality clothes out there. The journey never stops, so watch this space

Get the ultimate fit experience with a made to measure product. Cut to fit you and taste in fabrics and style.

We're tailors at heart, it's our heritage and still is to this day. We run our alterations workshop at our home base in Wellington to help you get the right fit.

To ensure all of your groomsmen look the part, we offer our hire products in our extended size range across three different lengths, so no one is left to squeeze or swim come the day.

Tailoring and fit, it's an art that requires expertise to get the best outcome. We run our training program four times a year to bring our new team members up to the Rembrandt standard. This is run by the head tailor, with over 30years of experience.

Fit is everything, and you’ll find it here.

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