Drawing on its rich heritage, Kangol is one of the most influential global headwear brands of all time, crafting stylish hats that cross generations and cultures. It launched after the founder, Jaques Spreiregen, returned to civilian life after WWI and entered the fashion industry as an importer of Basque berets from France. A timeless classic, the incarnation of this beret has been in the Kangol line ever since — its spirit manifests in our range of flat caps for men. 



Kangol is a British clothing company, famous for its headwear. Its name reflects the original materials for production: the K comes from the word ‘silK’, the ANG from ‘ANGora’ and the OL from ‘woOL’. Founded by Jaques Spreiregn in 1938, this former veteran brought over Basque berets from France and they have since become an iconic accessory around the world.

Rembrandt stocks Kangol NZ, offering a range of the brand’s signature 504 caps in various colours. With a soft fabric construction and a short, rounded front brim, this Kangol hat is comfortable and low-profile. Pair it with a blazer and Chelsea boots for a trendy look.

Ideal for styling during the spring, autumn and winter seasons, they blend in with the urban scene just as much as they belong on the golf course and other sporty settings. A timeless hat that amps up your casualwear — a Kangol beret really is a classic choice.

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