Best dressed for business

Best dressed for business

Just as companies have different business models, they also have different dress codes.  Whether you’re a designer or a doctor, you work in Birkenhead, Bangkok or Blenheim, we know you want to look great.


The jet setter

If your job demands you’re constantly on the go, either across the country or around the world, here are a couple of things you’ll need to endure (and enjoy) your journey in style:

  • A jacket specifically designed with the traveller in mind, our wool/mohair Halcyon is ideal
  • A crisp white shirt with a tie and pocket square to dress up your jacket
  • A pure wool jersey

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The money man

Here’s something that might resonate; based on a 40hr week, a man spends 1,770 hours a year working, that’s at least 77,880 hours a lifetime dressed for work (yes, we removed the 4 weeks annual leave entitlement and statutory holidays).

A white-collar dress code necessitates a wardrobe of quality suits and ties that can be effortlessly accessorised:
  • A handful of coloured ties and pocket squares can quickly change your look
  • Replace the buttons of your navy suit with brown buttons and wear it with a brown belt and shoes, it will look like you’ve bought a new suit
  • Wear a jacket, open-neck shirt and chinos for a casual Friday look that means business

pure nz wool

Blake grey suit Blake grey suit


The entrepreneur

Steve Jobs is widely known for his consistent polo neck style dressing, giving him the freedom to think about things other than what to wear in the morning.  However we believe you can dress well and have a free mind to dream big.

Let us help you curate a wardrobe with a few staples and some accent pieces, providing you with a handful of easy recipes to follow that will have you jump out of bed in the morning knowing exactly what to put on.

stretch cotton

featured-points Sumner brown shorts


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