Rostock Chocolate Plain Derby Shoe

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Experience the new Rostock Chocolate Plain Derby Shoe - a perfect combination of classic and modern design. This dress shoe effortlessly enhances formal wear with its open lacing system, providing unmatched comfort. Versatile enough to match any outfit for any occasion!


Shoe Care Tips

Using a shoehorn will help to prevent the back of your shoes from being stretched or bent out of shape. 

Invest in a pair of cedar-wood shoe trees. Putting shoe trees in your shoes after you take them off will help minimise any creases in the leather, wick away moisture and reduce odour. 

Shoes should never be worn two days in a row – they need a day to rest between wearing to maximise their life. 

Clean, condition and polish your shoes regularly. The thought of polishing them is worse than the actual task. 

If shoes get wet, do not rapidly dry by a direct heat source as this will damage the leather.

Natural full grain leather will naturally vary and have some slight marks and blemishes. This is part of the nature of a leather product.


  • Standard width shoe
  • Smooth Italian cow leather
  • Blake stitch construction
  • Leather sole
  • Plain chisel toe dress shoe
  • Made in Portugal
  • CG7159FROST

Details & Fit
Standard width shoe
100% leather
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