What to Wear While Working from Home

What to Wear While Working from Home

Experts agree, sticking to a routine and finding ways to separate work from home life, are key aspects of both working from home and surviving (and even thriving) during this lock-down.

ome of you will know this already, because working from home is your modus operandi, regardless of the current global pandemic. But for the majority of us, being at home all day, every day - is new. There is a good chance though, that more of us will work from home more often, even when life returns to normal. 

aking an effort to get dressed for work each morning is one thing you can do to help get in the zone for work, even if your workspace is on the same dining table you ate breakfast on. Our tips focus on comfort and suitability for the job at hand. 

Skype-Worthy Shirts 

Let’s start with the basics. When working from home, shirts are the most important items in your wardrobe. Putting on a shirt requires a modicum of effort and sends a message to yourself and your colleagues that you’re ready for business. The higher your standing within a company, the more important this rule of thumb is, so even though you’re out of the office, you can still lead by example.

At least initially, working from home may well be rather enjoyable (especially if the kids are old enough to entertain themselves) but there will be days when you miss the company of your colleagues and the opportunity to pop out for a coffee. A colourful or printed shirt can help lift the mood on days when you’re feeling a bit flat and one of the benefits of video conferencing is that no one will know if your shirt is untucked or un-ironed.

On cooler days, a brushed cotton shirt (commonly referred to as a flannel shirt by most people) is a nice option. Our Awaroa flannel shirts feature a small houndstooth design and have a soft, warm touch. 


Look the part from head to toe

chinos with stretchGiven work will be conducted by phone or video calls and only those in your bubble are able to see what you’re wearing, avoid the temptation to wear track pants and slippers. Remember what you wear affects how you feel, so putting on a pair of chinos will ensure you look smart and feel comfortable.

Unless you have a job interview via Skype or you’re participating in #formalfridays, your blazer can stay in the wardrobe for now, as can your leather shoes. Instead, a nice pair of sneakers will complete the look and be perfect for a stroll around the block before and after work. Try to build these short breaks from the house into your daily routine, they can be useful to define the start and end of your working day. 


Stay warm with layering pieces

merino wool chinosOn cooler days, you’ll want to put something over that shirt so you don’t have to keep the heating on all day. A piece of knitwear or light jacket will do the trick nicely. Our Domino knit bomber is an excellent choice – the stretch fabric is lightly quilted and extremely comfortable. If the weather takes a turn for the worse, our Simpson 4-in-1 jacket can be worn as a vest when you’re inside.

The most popular choice is a simple merino wool jersey. It can be easily layered over one of your shirts or over a tee. Choose from our essential selection of crew and v-necks or one of the merino wool polo shirts or roll necks that are arriving soon.


What our team is wearing 

A few members from our team shared their favourite pieces while working from home.

“My Domino bomber was made for working from home, it is super-comfortable. My team have seen me wearing it most mornings during our daily video call.” 

- David, Managing Director

“I’ve found that merino knitwear has been my go-to while working from home. It’s comfortable and warm during our morning conference calls and throughout the day and looks great on its own or over a shirt.” 

- Chris, Retail Manager  



“I’ve had three pairs of Soho chinos so far. My first pair I've had for nearly two years and they are still going strong. The stretch fabric makes them extremely comfortable and easy to wear. I usually pair them with low-profile sneakers when working from home or dress shoes when I’m at work.” 

- Deone, Store Manager

“I’ve owned my suede sneakers for quite a while now but lately I’ve been wearing them several times a week. They’re light and comfortable and perfect with a pair of jeans.” 

- Jonathon, Design Manager


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