Attending a Summer Wedding? Discover the Best Men’s Wedding Attire this Season

Attending a Summer Wedding? Discover the Best Men’s Wedding Attire this Season

Bold colours and breathable fabrics feature in this stylish edit of men’s wedding attire, perfect for the summer heat.  


Getting suited and booted becomes slightly more complicated in summer.  


Warmer weather means that you’re likely to feel more restricted in your usual formal attire heavy-duty fabrics, button-up shirts and tapered tailored trousers can feel daunting, not to mention the fear of showing sweat patches as soon as you hit the dancefloor.  


In other words, throwing on a suit in soaring temperatures isn’t ideal, especially for weddings which are often a full-day affair.  


But there’s no need to get yourself hot and bothered over the prospect, Rembrandt has the solution.  


We’ve rounded up our top picks of summer wedding outfits for men so that you can stay cool and collected on the big day, all while sticking to a smart dress code (if that’s the requirement). Expect breezy fabrics that will prevent you from melting into a puddle before the speeches commence, as well as light colours that help you to ward off the midday heat. 


Rembrandt’s Men’s Wedding Attire for Summer 

Rule number one when it comes to putting together summer wedding outfits is sticking to the dress code. If you’re attending a swanky ceremony in the city, you’re hardly going to show up in shorts and loafers, whereas a black tuxedo isn’t the usual choice for a beach wedding. For that reason, we’ve categorised our wedding gear by each dress code to make your shopping experience easier. Keep reading to discover Rembrandt’s top wedding styles for summer.  



You can’t get any more formal than black-tie, which suggests that a knockout tuxedo is your best option for these extravagant events. This does mean that a dinner jacket and dress pants are non-negotiable, but don’t sweat it, these parties don’t usually get started until the evening.   


Instead of opting for thick fabrics like velvet and polyester, we’d recommend a woollen suit. Although commonly associated with keeping us warm in the winter, wool is also the unexpected hero in the summer — wicking away moisture and offering odour control throughout the night. Complete the look with a light and breathable pure cotton shirt and why not add a brightly coloured tie or flamboyant pocket square for a playful summer touch? 


Summer Smart 

If the thought of a tuxedo in summer had you feeling hot under the collar, we hope that the dress code for your warm-weather wedding is a little more relaxed. A summer-smart dress code is popular as it allows guests more freedom to play around with colours and materials. 


Tailoring in light, neutral or pastel hues works well here, and you’re in luck because these colours are commonly associated with the ultimate summer material: linen. This fabric allows greater airflow, absorbs sweat and remains cool to the touch in hot temperatures.    


A 2-piece linen suit allows you to nail a smart look while mixing and matching colours creates a more laid-back vibe. Feel free to ditch the jacket as another way of keeping cool and show off a fun floral shirt. Slip into a pair of loafers in a complimentary shade to finalize your outfit.


Beach Bliss 

A beach wedding lends to a less formal and more relaxed atmosphere, which is why guests are often blessed with a smart-casual dress code. There are almost no restrictions when it comes to the best beach wedding attire for men, just stick to breezy fabrics and avoid dark colours.  


You’ll be in the safe zone with a crisp white linen shirt, or if you’re heading further afield to an exotic tropical island, feel free to get creative with a colourful punchy print. Linen shorts or trousers should complete your outfit, and you can even get away with a pair of chinos 


No need to slip on a pair of socks, embrace the opportunity to rock a pair of loafers or woven slippers with some exposed ankle. Or if it truly is a casual affair, choose pure comfort in the form of white sneakers (a great option for those who love throwing shapes on the dancefloor).  


Discover the Perfect Summer Wedding Guest Attire 

Along with nailing the right dress code and selecting the right colours and fabrics, a final piece of advice is to avoid the urge to dress the same way as you do for the office and spruce your favourite suit up with playful, fashion-forward details. Be the best-dressed guest with Rembrandt’s suave men’s summer wedding guest outfits explore the online store today.


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